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Solar PV Modules Manufacturing

Industry Standards of Efficiency
  • » Designed to the highest industry standards of efficiency with guaranteed positive power output tolerance to utilize    limited space
  • » Manufactured in highly automated state of the art facilities with rigorous in-house quality control meeting the highest    international standards

Superior Cell Protection
  • » Robust frame and durable materials for better cell protection
  • » UV stabilized & aesthetically superior quality Anodized Aluminium frame

Tested Power Output
  • » Our energy ratings include the initial degradation (LID effect) to maximize your investment.

High Transmission Glass
  • » Anti-reflective coated glass delivers up to 4% more energy than standard glass. Best-in-class diffused light response    leading to less power degradation and potentially delivering one of the lowest levelized cost of energy

  • Reliable Electrical Connections
    • » The technology provides cooler diode operation and optimal performance
    • » High quality tabs ensures zero mismatch in electrical connections

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