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Solar Home Lighting System

Synergy Solar Photovoltaic Home Lighting System is a system consisting of high efficiency Solar Module, Compact Florescent Lamp, Charge Controller, and Tubular LA battery. As sunlight falls on Solar PV module it generates electricity which charges the battery. The battery powers the DC light, fan, TV , when required. People in the households and communities lacking in electrical supply from the grid or having power cuts now benefit from electricity generated from the Sun - the free clean and unlimited power source. Solar Home Lighting and Power Systems are easy to install, simple to operate and cost effective in remote off-grid locations. They avoid

the problems associated with fuel-supply, storage, fumes and fire risk. Systems are moduler in concept, making them easy to expand to meet future needs.

Areas of Application

Solar Home lighting System for Home, Study Room Lighting, Small Shops, Offices, Schools / Colleges, Community Centre, Rural Bank Branches,Military Camps, Healyhs / Dispensaries

Product Features
  • ° Easy to install & safe to use
  • ° Available in 4 hours & 8 hours backup versions
  • ° Compact & highly efficient
  • ° Heavy duty rechargeable battery
  • ° Simple, rugged & reliable
  • ° Long life & negligible maintenance

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